Indonesia: Relaxing in Bali’s Natural Hot Springs

I scream, you scream, we all scream for HOT SPRINGS!

Indonesia is made up of more than 17,000 islands, set atop of shifting tectonic plates. This shifting is responsible for much of the geothermal activities that can be found in Indonesia, most famously, hot springs and volcanos. These hot springs have become a sensational destination for all travelers, great for pictures and rumored to have healing powers.


Hot springs are springs that are naturally warm, heated by the Earth’s internal temperature. The water can range in temperature, from warmer than the natural body heat of a person, to hotter than its surroundings, to nearly boiling.

Indonesia has a number of natural springs, ones in nature that you can go and visit for free and others that have been bought and turned into spas or resorts.


I chose to visit a hot spring spa in Bali, called the Batur Natural Hot Spring. Our driver recommended it because the prices were moderate, the views were amazing, and the water was cleaner than an 100% natural spring. Plus, we visited during the height of tourist season and I had a broken foot, so crowds weren’t my best friend and the spa had less crowds.

The spa built pools on top of hot springs and let the water filter in. The water is perfect, just hot enough to relax the muscles but not too hot to make one overheat quickly. The ambiance is cute and colorful, with blue tile mosaics lining the bottom of the pools and white elephant statues flanking the pools.


The view might have been my favorite part of the whole experience. Overlooking the Danau Batur lake and the mountains beyond, the waters are blue and clear and the mountains stretch off into the distance like a dream.

The service and food were also excellent, English is spoken by all and the experience comes with a free towel and drink. When entering, you’ll be given a locker key and the friendly staff will direct you towards the pools. You can put whatever you want in the lockers but if you want to keep your phone or money and such, the area feels very safe and my family and I had no problem leaving things out.


Do hot springs have natural healing properties like they’re advertised to? Well my broken foot felt a lot less sore and walking with my boot was a lot easier afterwards. My muscles were looser for sure, and my mother said her back pain felt better.

Wishful thinking or not, my family felt happy, relaxed, and healed after our time here. We all really enjoyed these hot springs and would 100% recommend it to anyone visiting Bali, especially those who hike the mountains beforehand!


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