South Korea: Visiting a Jimjilbang


South Korea is most known for technology, popular culture, the recent olympics, and delicious (and spicy) food. But have you ever heart of Jimjilbangs?

Jimjilbangs are large public bath houses that are open 24 hours and are extremely popular with both the locals and tourists. They are often a few floors tall, with one floor dedicated to the traditional ideas of what a bathhouse is – containing showers, saunas, and giant hot tubs filled with different kinds of traditional medicines. But the other floors are unisex and have sleeping quarters, norebangs (karaoke), snack bars and restaurants, TV rooms, exercise rooms, video game rooms, and sauna rooms that contain different temperatures for your enjoyment.

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Ireland: Gaelic Games


Sports are a huge part of Irish culture. The Irish love strength, passion, speed, and tradition, especially with a beer in hand.

Whereas you can find non-Irish sports such as basketball, soccer, etc in the country, there are three traditional sports that reign supreme, drawing crowds by the millions. Here is a quick breakdown of their three most popular sports.

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Indonesia: Natural Hot Springs in Bali


Have you ever been curious about natural hot springs? A big step up from hot tubs and jacuzzis, hot springs have been rumored to have healing powers.

Indonesia is made up of more than 17,000 islands, set atop of shifting tectonic plates. This shifting is responsible for much of the geothermal activities that can be found in Indonesia, most famously, hot springs and volcanos.

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USA: Which Disneyland hotel should you choose? – The Disney Series


Staying in a Disney hotel offers an experience unparalleled to anything you’ve ever experienced. Nothing can beat that classic Disney magic and all the benefits that the hotels give you. Staying in the park also means you get magic hours, getting you access to the park before anyone else.

Disneyland offers three hotels and Disneyworld offers many more, as the size of the parks are vastly different. This post will focus on Disneyland’s three hotels, what each is known for, and what each has to offer.

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South Korea: A Guide to Korean Street Food


This is a comprehensive guide to street food in South Korea, where you’ll find hotspots for cheap sells, as well as the most well known foods and the most special, one of a kind eats.

Street food in Korea has evolved a culture of its own. With extremely cheap and clean stalls, it can range from spicy, to fried, to cheese-stuffed, to cute, and to somewhat odd. Basically, anything that fits on a stick can be sold.

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Thailand: Visiting the Long Neck Karen Hill Tribe

IMG_0127 2.jpg

Some places one visits during their travels can be controversial. There is never one truth, therefore never one answer.

For me, going to visit the Long Neck Karen Hill Tribe was one such question I wanted an answer to. I had read different articles about whether or not it was ethical to visit them, but I found that my answer came from directly asking members of the tribe themselves.

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