The Caribbean: Cruising in Luxury on the Allure of the Seas

Ever want to feel like a princess or prince of the sea? Not a cruise person but still want to take a cruise?

Cruising can be a different experience for everyone. There are cruise people, people who hate cruises, and people who aren’t cruise people but they still take cruises – if that makes sense. Cruises can be a fun time for everyone, you just have to utilize what is offered to you!


The Allure of the Seas was the second cruise I’d ever been on, and the first with my immediate family. We aren’t cruise people, we aren’t the kind of people who scarf down food at free buffets or lounge for hours in a kid-infested pool. If that’s you, then there’s no problem with that, there are lots of cruises that offer such things. However, if you’re like my family, you’ll want to spend a little extra to ensure a vacation you’ll never forget!

Allure of the Seas is one of the largest cruise ships in the world, only slightly smaller than her sister Oasis of the Seas. Being so large, she offers a lot of amenities. From excellent food, to adventures, to nightlife, to pools, to lounging, and to drinking copious cocktails – it has it all.


My family decided to book the Star Package, which is simply defined as all-access. Meaning, a large suite with two bedrooms, a living room, two bathrooms, and a private deck. Complimentary drinks and food, nearly everything is included in the plan so no need to bring around your credit card. Free shows with reserved seating, priority entrance to all activities on board, suite lounge access, minifridges, backstage tours, etc – everything is accessible and free.


While all this seems like heaven, there was another addition to our trip that made everything perfect, and that was our personal “genie”. Upon buying Star Class, we have someone alike a personal butler attend to our every need. Ever want to feel like royalty? This is the time!


The genie took care of our every need, even anticipating needs we didn’t know we had! From getting us priority seats to the best shows on the ship, from making reservations to the nicest restaurants, to even making sure that we had beautiful place settings when ate breakfast in our suite – he had it covered! The nice thing about him was that he was so genuinely kind and wanted to make our experience the best it could possibly be! He joked around with us, met us at every event we went to in order to make sure we were as comfortable as we could be, he even make sure that every meal I ate fit within my food allergies, he went above and beyond for us and I’m very grateful.


Now for the best part, we had priority boarding and disembarking when coming too and from the cruise. This was a HUGE plus, because the line would’ve easily taken hours in some cases.

Now, some quick tips – no matter what package you’ve booked:

  1. Wake up early on days you pull into port, it is important to be in line to leave as soon as you can, because as I mentioned, lines can be a nightmare.
  2. See every show you can! The shows on board are amazing, we saw Mamma Mia!, a bunch of water shows, went to comedy clubs, and more! Many are free, so check the itinerary!
  3. Be as kind to the crew as they are to you, they’re at sea for a very long time.
  4. Clubs on board can be very fun! Just check each one out and see what vibe fits you best.
  5. If you have food allergies, the crew is very accommodating! You just have to request help and sometimes they’ll even have a different menu for you!
  6. Be careful on the islands because sometimes locals will try to take advantage of you, especially when monkeys are involved.
  7. Even if you don’t have a genie, ask the crew for recommendations for what things to do on the islands, because often they’ll be able to tell you the cheaper and safer routes.
  8. If you aren’t a pool person, check out the basketball courts, the arcade games, the surfing, the rock climbing walls, and the ziplines!


Actually, one of the things my family enjoyed the most was playing basketball there. There was one full length court, and like in many places, the boys playing there were reluctant to let two girls play. Kicking their butts changed that quickly. The best thing about beating the boys and showing people watching that their expectations for women should be higher, was that a younger girl with a killer jump shot asked to join our team later, saying that at first she was afraid to play because the boys were unwelcoming and were overly aggressive (they were, one guy actually broke my dads thumb and never apologized for it, even throwing a tantrum when we won against him once). Having her join us filled me with a sense of pride, that I was able to make someone feel comfortable enough to join an uncomfortable situation for her.


We didn’t end up winning the tournament, but afterwards we got a round of applause because of how hard and well we played (you can’t beat five young people who are taller and just as skilled as you, especially with my older parents lol). Afterwards, I had people come up to me and tell me that they liked the way I played, saying that old-style post playing isn’t seen a lot anymore and they like that I was bringing it back. It was great 🙂

We made many memories on the ship and enjoyed our time immensely. Am a cruise person now? No, but sailing with the Star Package is more like taking a luxury vacation with people you love. Cruises can be great for everyone, you just have to find the right way to travel.


One thought on “The Caribbean: Cruising in Luxury on the Allure of the Seas

  1. freakygrandma says:

    What a grand life you have enjoyed and written about in your posts. The world awaits you and I can’t wait to read more about your adventures. Where next?


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