Canada: Biking the Vancouver Seawall

Going to Vancouver and need an activity? There are many things to do in this beautiful city, from snowshoeing to hiking to canoeing. But if you want something a bit more low key, biking is an easy way to enjoy the sites.

Vancouver is one of the most naturally beautiful places I’ve ever been. Deep blue ocean, snowy mountains, crystal-clear creeks, it’s any nature enthusiast’s dream. When the sun is shining, it’s at its best, and staying inside is not an option.

The Vancouver Seawall is one of the most popular sites in the city, with bike trails, parks, jogging areas, and various places to visit. Its popularity comes from the view, from nearly all angles you can see ocean, city, and mountains.

There are a few shops near the wall where you can rent bikes for hours at a time at a relatively cheap price. My friends and I used English Bay Bike Rentals, where they gave us a basket for our bike and a helmet for free upon our hourly purchase. You can rent singular bikes or tandem bikes. They gave us a map of the wall and gave us clear instructions on the best ways to enjoy the park.


The only rule of biking on the wall is to stay on the bike path and walk your bike in the areas that are marked. Otherwise, just be respectful of bikers who want to pass you. Keep in mind that some bikers are dicks, Canadians aren’t always as polite as their stereotype. Most are though, and asking someone to take a picture of me in front of the view was always met with a positive response.

Biking the Seawall was by far my favorite part of my trip. I went during the winter, on a sunny day of about 48 degrees. In the sun it was great to bike leisurely, but in the shade you tend to bike quickly and put your gloves on.

Some places to stop and rest are near the docks, so you can see the city shine under the glare of the sun. There is also the aquarium, the totem pole area, the lighthouse, and one of the many beaches. It takes more than an hour to bike around the seawall and from two – three hours to walk.

After your time on the seawall, you can return your bike and head to English Bay Beach or to Morton Park, a park with famous laughing statues that are a landmark for pictures. The area is also filled with many different kinds of international eateries to enjoy, including a kebab place my friends and I visited, and one of the many Tim Hortons.


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