USA: Oahu – Hiking Koko Head

On a white sandy beach of Hawaii…¬†or not? More of a mountain person?

Oahu’s got you on both fronts. But for those mountain people who want a relatively short but grueling hike with a big payoff at the end (and a bit of history thrown in for fun), the Koko Head Crater Trail is for you!

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USA: Which Disneyland hotel should you choose? – The Disney Series

Staying in a Disney hotel offers an experience unparalleled to anything you’ve ever experienced. Nothing can beat that classic Disney magic and all the benefits that the hotels give you. Staying in the park also means you get magic hours, getting you access to the park before anyone else.

Disneyland offers three hotels and Disneyworld offers many more, as the size of the parks are vastly different. This post will focus on Disneyland’s three hotels, what each is known for, and what each has to offer.

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USA: How to visit California Adventure like a Pro – the Disney Series

Part two of my how to visit Disneyland like a pro series!

This post focuses on California Adventure, the second park built on the Disneyland lot. Like the first post, this is based on how to get around the park in the most fun and efficient way possible, with in-depth descriptions on the rides, parks, and other fun options!

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USA: How to Visit Disneyland like a Pro

Magic, mystery, mice, and more! What more could you want?

My family loves all things Disney. Luckily, we live in California and have been able to visit Disneyland many times. Here are a few tips and tricks of the trade that we’ve picked up!

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