South Korea: A Guide to Korean Street Food

This is a comprehensive guide to street food in South Korea, where you’ll find hotspots for cheap sells, as well as the most well known foods and the most special, one of a kind eats.

Street food in Korea has evolved a culture of its own. With extremely cheap and clean stalls, it can range from spicy, to fried, to cheese-stuffed, to cute, and to somewhat odd. Basically, anything that fits on a stick can be sold.

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South Korea: The Allure of Korean BBQ

Korean BBQ is one of the best things to eat in the world. Seriously, don’t fight me on this. Barbecue in general is delicious, but Koreans take it to the next level.

As Korean BBQ has started to gain more popularity, you can generally find it in most major cities throughout the world now. Although, the further you are from Korea the more sparse and expensive it becomes, and generally the presentation and the quality of the meat differs from the original.

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