South Korea: A Guide to Korean Street Food

This is a comprehensive guide to street food in South Korea, where you’ll find hotspots for cheap sells, as well as the most well known foods and the most special, one of a kind eats.

Street food in Korea has evolved a culture of its own. With extremely cheap and clean stalls, it can range from spicy, to fried, to cheese-stuffed, to cute, and to somewhat odd. Basically, anything that fits on a stick can be sold.

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South Korea: Being a Female Athlete

As a college athlete, it’s important to keep in shape and hone your skills over the summer – the length you to go accomplish this will vary depending on how lazy you are.

I researched Yonsei University and realized they had a gym that was open for summer students and at least two different indoor basketball courts. Great, I thought I was set for the summer and didn’t think about it again. I never thought that people would think it odd that I was a female athlete and would stare at me as I lifted weights and played pick-up. Clearly I was mistaken.

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