Thailand: Visiting the Long Neck Karen Hill Tribe

Some places one visits during their travels can be controversial. There is never one truth, therefore never one answer.

For me, going to visit the Long Neck Karen Hill Tribe was one such question I wanted an answer to. I had read different articles about whether or not it was ethical to visit them, but I found that my answer came from directly asking members of the tribe themselves.

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Thailand: The Tiger Kingdom in Chiang Mai

Going to Thailand, I wanted to fulfill my lifelong desire to be in close proximity to tigers. However when visiting Thailand, you need to be careful about what tourist attractions that involve animals are humane or not. So, I went through intense research to make my wish come true.

In my research, I found the Tiger Kingdom in Chiang Mai. After searching through websites, blog posts, and first hand accounts from volunteers that worked at the facility, I came to the conclusion that this place was everything I could want.

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Thailand: Visiting an Elephant Sanctuary Camp

Tourists have long had the image of riding elephants through green-hued jungles when contemplating a visit to Thailand. I did too, at first.

In the summer of 2017 I had the pleasure of visiting Thailand and was eager to see elephants. However, upon researching places to visit, I learned a dark truth about the management of elephants in Thailand.

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